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On first day, lawmakers seek to increase funding for county jails
January 13, 2018

While jails and courthouses in Denver and Jefferson counties might look like Taj Mahals, rural counties (and Pueblo) are having a difficult time paying the high cost of crime. That’s why Sens. Leroy Garcia, D-Pueblo, and Don Coram, R-Montrose, are running a bill to send some money their way.

Coram chaired an off-session committee that’s looking at several bills to help fund improvements and make sure the state isn’t sticking it to local taxpayers by failing to pick up its prisoners for weeks.

The 120-day legislative session began Wednesday, and Coram said the bipartisan committee is proposing legislation to make $30 million a year in grants and loans available for five years to help counties finance jail and courthouse construction or expansion.

While most counties are doing fine on capacity versus daily inmate population, some are struggling and need more space. Pueblo, for instance, has a capacity of [more...]


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