Colorado State Senator - District 6


Don’s Legislation Throughout the Years

2018 Legislative Session

SB 18-002 Financing Rural Broadband Deployment
Concerning the financing of broadband deployment. Signed by Governor
SB 18-019 Expanded Duration for CO Water Resources and Power Devel Authority Revolving Loans
Concerning an expansion of the duration for which the Colorado water resources and power development authority may make a loan under the authority's revolving loan programs. Signed by Governor
SB 18-038 Reclaimed Water Use on Industrial hemp
Concerning the allowable uses of reclaimed domestic wastewater, and, in connection therewith, allowing reclaimed domestic wastewater to be used for industrial hemp cultivation and making an appropriation. Signed by Governor
SB 18-041 Authorize Water Use Incidental Sand and Gravel Mines
Concerning the ability of operators of sand and gravel mines to use water incidental to sand and gravel mining operations to mitigate the impacts of mining. Signed by Governor
SB 18-060 Protective Orders in Criminal Cases
Concerning protective orders in criminal cases. Signed by Governor
SB 18-108 Eligibility Colorado Road and Community Safety Act
Concerning the issuance of identification documents under the "Colorado Road and Community Safety Act" to persons who are not lawfully present in the United States, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation. Signed by Governor
SB 18-143 Hunting, Fishing, and Parks for Future Generations Act
Concerning measures to increase revenue for the parks and wildlife division, and, in connection therewith, setting certain hunting, fishing, parks, and recreation fees. Signed by Governor
SB 18-147 Educator Loan Forgiveness Program
Concerning the educator loan forgiveness program to address educator shortages. Killed in Senate Finance
SB 18-158 School Access For Emergency Response (Safer) Grant Program Act
Concerning measures to increase school district access to interoperable communication technology to improve school safety, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation. Signed by Governor
SB 18-166 Change Maximum Criminal Penalty One Year to 364 Days
Concerning changing the maximum jail sentence for certain crimes from one year to three hundred sixty-four days. Lost in Senate

SB 18-176 Board Meeting Dates Southwestern Water Conservation District
Concerning changes to the requirements for meeting dates for the board of the southwestern water conservation district. Signed by Governor
SB 18-182 Source Market Fee Allocation to Horse Purse Fund
Concerning the authority to allocate a portion of the source market fee to statutorily authorized purse funds. Signed by Governor
SB 18-184 Permit Short-term Extraction Construction Material
Concerning a new permit for the short-term extraction of construction materials. Signed by Governor
SB 18-193 Colorado Right to Earn a Living Act
Concerning additional limitations on state agency occupational regulations, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation. Killed in House State Affairs
SB 18-194 Contributions Colorado Natural Resources Foundation Fund
Concerning contributions to the Colorado natural resources foundation fund. Killed in Senate Finance
SB 18-205 Industrial Hemp Designation Agricultural Product
Concerning the regulation of industrial hemp as an agricultural product, and, in connection therewith, identifying the unprocessed seeds of industrial hemp as a commodity under the "Commodity Handler Act" and industrial hemp as a farm product under the "Farm Products Act". Signed by Governor
SB 18-215 Additional Funding for Small Rural Schools
Concerning additional funding for rural schools for the 2018-19 budget year. Killed in Senate Education
SB 18-218 Colorado Water Conservation Board Construction Fund Project
Concerning the funding of Colorado water conservation board projects, and, in connection therewith, making appropriations. Signed by Governor
SB 18-221 Elect County Commissioners By Districts
Concerning the election of a county commissioner in a county with a population of less than seventy thousand by the voters residing in the district from which the commissioner runs for election. Killed in House State Affairs
SB 18-234 Human Remains Disposition Sale Businesses
Concerning measures to reduce the sale without consent of the remains of a human who was born alive, and, in connection therewith, registering nontransplant tissue banks and prohibiting certain owners of nontransplant tissue banks from owning certain other businesses that provide for the final disposition of human remains, and making an appropriation. Signed by Governor
SB 18-235 Colorado Industrial Hemp Research and Development Authority
Concerning the creation of the Colorado industrial hemp research and development authority. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1002 Rural School District Teaching Fellowship Program
Concerning teaching fellowship programs to assist rural school districts in hiring high-quality teachers, and, in connection therewith, creating the "Rural Colorado Grow Your Own Educator Act" and making an appropriation. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1008 Mussel-free Colorado Act
Concerning the financing of the division of parks and wildlife's aquatic nuisance species program, and, in connection therewith, creating an aquatic nuisance species stamp for the operation of motorboats and sailboats in waters of the state, increasing penalties related to the introduction of aquatic nuisance species into the waters of the state, and combining two separate funds related to the aquatic nuisance species program into one fund. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1010 DHS Report Data & Add Members To Working Group 1
Concerning youth committed to the department of human services, and, in connection therewith, requiring the department to report certain data and adding members to the youth restraint and seclusion working group. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1033 Employee Leave To Participate In Elections
Concerning the time in which employees are entitled to take leave to participate in elections. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 18-1038 Land Surveyors Continuing Education Requirement
Concerning establishing a continuing education requirement for professional land surveyors. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 18-1041 Crime Of Cruelty To Certified Police Working Horse
Concerning adding certified police working horses to the crime of cruelty to a service animal or a certified police working dog. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1048 Fort Lewis College Spending Hesperus Account
Concerning the expenditure of money from the Hesperus account by the board of trustees of Fort Lewis college. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1051 Statutory Provisions Extinguish Unattended Fires
Concerning statutory provisions enacted to promote the extinguishment of unattended fires. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1057 Disclosure Of Information For Asset Recovery
Concerning the collection of debts, and, in connection therewith, allowing collection agents to add certain expenses to amounts due for collection. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1058 Financial Assistance For County Jails & Courts
Concerning the provision of financial assistance to counties for county facilities. Killed in House Judiciary
HB 18-1064 Training Prog Prevention Child Sexual Abuse
Concerning a training program to prevent child sexual abuse for persons who work with young children in some capacity as part of their employment. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1068 Eliminate Registered In Naturopathic Doctor Title
Concerning the elimination of "registered" in the title of a naturopathic doctor. Killed in Senate Business
HB 18-1069 Reclaimed Water Use For Toilet Flushing
Concerning the allowable uses of reclaimed domestic wastewater, and, in connection therewith, allowing reclaimed domestic wastewater to be used for toilet flushing. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1076 POST Board Revoke Certification for Nontruthful Statement
Concerning the P.O.S.T. board revoking the certification of a peace officer who is found to have made an untruthful statement. Killed in Senate Appropriations
HB 18-1084 County Lodging Tax Revenue Allowable Uses
Concerning the expansion of the allowable uses of county lodging tax revenue. Killed in House Finance
HB 18-1087 CDPS Authority to Repeal Rules
Concerning department of public safety authority to repeal rules relating to defunct boards. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1093 Reclaimed Water Use for Edible Crops
Concerning the allowable uses of reclaimed domestic wastewater, and, in connection therewith, allowing reclaimed domestic wastewater to be used for food crops. Became law without signature
HB 18-1097 Patient Choice of Pharmacy
Concerning the ability of a person eligible for prescription drug benefits to choose the pharmacy at which to fill a prescription drug order. Killed in Senate Business
HB 18-1099 Broadband Deployment Level Playing Field
Concerning criteria that the broadband deployment board is required to develop with regard to an incumbent telecommunications provider's exercise of a right to implement a broadband deployment project in an unserved area of the state upon a nonincumbent provider's application to the broadband deployment board to implement a proposed broadband deployment project in the unserved area. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1103 Local Government Off-Highway Vehicle Regulation
Concerning the ability of a local government to require a driver to meet safety standards for the use of an off-highway vehicle. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1146 Sunset Measurement Standards Law
Concerning the continuation under the sunset law of the measurement standards law. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1147 Sunset Process Weather Modification
Concerning the continuation of the regulation of people who modify the weather, and, in connection therewith, implementing the sunset review recommendations of the department of regulatory agencies. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1153 Property Casualty Ins Claim Appraisal Procedures
Concerning the conduct of appraisals of the value of property covered by property and casualty insurance, and, in connection therewith, specifying the qualifications and rules of conduct for appraisers and umpires engaged in the appraisal process. Killed in House Finance
HB 18-1177 Youth Suicide Prevention
Concerning multiple approaches to help prevent youth suicide. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 18-1182 Statewide System For Advance Directives
Concerning a statewide system of advance directives. Killed in House Health, Insurance & Environment
HB 18-1192 Application Assistance Federal Disability Benefits
Concerning application assistance for persons seeking federal disability benefits. Killed in House Public Health
HB 18-1199 Aquifer Storage-and-recovery Plans
Concerning a process for the ground water commission to use for approving aquifer storage-and-recovery plans, and, in connection therewith, requiring that the ground water commission promulgate rules governing its implementation of the process. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1200 Cybercrime Changes
Concerning cybercrime, and, in connection therewith, criminalizing using a computer to engage in prostitution of a minor, criminalizing skimming payment cards, making changes to the penalty structure for cybercrime. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1201 Severance Tax Voter-approved Revenue Change
Concerning a voter-approved revenue change to allow the state to retain and spend an amount equal to state severance tax revenues. Killed in House Finance
HB 18-1232 New Public School Funding Distribution Formula
Concerning the creation of a new public school funding distribution formula for the preschool through secondary public education system. Killed in House Education
HB 18-1241 Reimburse Expenses Restorative Justice Council
Concerning allowing reimbursement for expenses for members of the restorative justice coordinating council. Killed in Senate Appropriations
HB 18-1243 Civil Rape Shield Law
Concerning enactment of a civil rape shield law. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1246 Modernization Of The Nursery Act
Concerning updates to the "Colorado Nursery Act", and, in connection therewith, modernizing the act and protecting agriculture from pests, diseases, and noxious weeds. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1263 Medical Marijuana Use for Autism and Acute Pain
Concerning adding certain conditions to the list of disabling medical conditions for medical marijuana use, and, in connection therewith, adding autism spectrum disorders. Vetoed by Governor
HB 18-1280 Court Appointees For Marijuana Businesses
Concerning regulatory procedures related to the appointment of a court appointee for a regulated marijuana business. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1295 Hemp Products Deemed Not Adulterated Or Misbranded
Concerning modifications to the "Colorado Food and Drug Act" to allow products containing industrial hemp, and, in connection therewith, establishing that products containing industrial hemp are not adulterated or misbranded by virtue of containing industrial hemp. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1306 Improving Educational Stability For Foster Youth
Concerning ensuring educational stability for students in out-of-home placement. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1341 Apprenticeship & Vocational Technical Training
Concerning creation of the Colorado state apprenticeship resource directory. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 18-1344 Relief From Criminal Collateral Consequences
Concerning relief from collateral consequences of criminal actions. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1345 Electric Transmission Lines Right Of First Refusal
Concerning a process by which an incumbent electric utility may exercise a right of first refusal to construct an electric transmission line that has been approved for construction pursuant to a federal regional transmission planning requirement. Killed in House Transportation
HB 18-1384 Study Health Care Coverage Options
Concerning a study to identify affordable, competitive health care coverage options for Colorado. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 18-1385 Domestic Relations Changes Due To Federal Tax Law
Concerning changes to family support obligations in domestic relation actions due to changes in the federal tax laws. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1392 State Innovation Waiver Reinsurance Program
Concerning the creation of the Colorado reinsurance program to provide reinsurance payments to health insurers to aid in paying high-cost insurance claims, and, in connection therewith, authorizing the commissioner of insurance to seek approval from the federal government to waive applicable federal requirements, provide federal funds, or both to enable the state to implement the reinsurance program making the program contingent upon waiver or funding approval. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 18-1416 Student Suicide Prevention Grant Program
Concerning student suicide prevention. Killed in Senate Appropriations
HB 18-1418 Use Of Criminal Convictions In Employment
Concerning the use of criminal convictions in employment. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1425 Prison Population Issues Study Committee
Concerning creation of a legislative committee to study the state prison population. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 18-1433 Naturopathic Doctor Terminology & Disclosure
Concerning modifications to the "Naturopathic Doctor Act", and, in connection therewith, requiring a naturopathic doctor to disclose that the naturopathic doctor is registered and updating the terms that a naturopathic doctor may use. Signed by Governor
HB 18-1440 Preneed Funeral Contract Sellers
Concerning preneed funeral contract sellers. Killed in Senate State Affairs


2017 Legislative Session

SB 17-014 Limits on Underground Storage Tank Regulation         
Clarifies that local governments CANNOT impose any requirements that are more stringent than those set forth by the state when it comes to inspecting or charging for inspection of underground petroleum storage tanks. Killed in House Transportation
SB 17-036 Appellate Process Concerning Groundwater Decisions            
Seeks to prohibit the District Courts from considering evidence excluded by the agency when decisions are on appeal. Instead, District Courts will now have power to remand case to agency if it finds evidence wrongly excluded. Signed by Governor
SB 17-047 Additional Incentives Beneficial Use Waste Tires       
Includes within the definition "end user" a person who uses a whole waste tire, when baled with other waste tires, for an agricultural purpose. Also changes the waste tire fee and its allocation, setting a schedule to run through 2024. Finally, eliminates the repeal of waste tire market development fund set to go into effect in 2018. Killed in Senate Agriculture 
SB 17-106 Sunset Registration of Naturopathic Doctors 
Implements the recommendations of the DORA regarding the regulations of naturopathic doctors. Additionally, places these doctors on list of persons required to report child abuse or neglect and mistreatment of the elderly or at-risk adults. Signed by the Governor
SB 17-117 Recognize Indus Hemp Ag Product for Ag Water Right             
Person will conditional or absolute water right decreed for agricultural use may use water subject to water right for growth or cultivation of industrial hemp, if registered by Dept. AG to cultivate Industrial Hemp. Signed by the Governor
SB 17-202 Species Conservation Trust Fund Projects      
This bill appropriates $1.5 million from the species conservation trust fund for programs submitted by the executive director of the Dept. Natural Resources that are designed to conserve native species that state or federal law list as threatened or endangered or that are candidate species or are likely to become candidate species as determined by the US fish & wildlife service.  Signed by Governor
SB 17-236 Sunset Process Bail Bonding Agents Division Of Insurance     
Implements sunset review recommendation and continues regulation of professional cash-bail agents ad cash-bonding agents until September 1, 2026. Signed by Governor
SB 17-278 Prohibit Nuisance Exhibition Motor Vehicle Exhaust
Prohibits engaging in a nuisance exhibition of motor vehicle exhaust (i.e. rolling coal), which is the act of knowingly blowing black smoke through one or more exhaust pipes attached to a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,000 pounds or less in a manner that obstructs or obscures the view of another driver, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian. A person who violates the prohibition commits a class A traffic infraction, punishable by a fine of $100. Signed by Governor
SB 17-302 Clarify Property Tax Exemption Silvicultural Equipment          
Clarifies that Silvicultural personal property is covered under the definition of agricultural equipment for the purposes of an exemption on the levy & collection of property taxes.  Signed by Governor
HB 17-1003 Strategic Plan to Address Teacher Shortages              
Requires the Department of Higher Education in partnership with the Department of Education to examine recruitment, preparation, and retention of teachers and to prepare a strategic plan to address teacher shortages in school districts and public schools within the state. The Dept. of Higher Ed is required to submit the report to the Colorado commission on higher education, the state board of education, and the education committee of the general assembly by December 1, 2017. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1019 Property Tax Redemption Third Party Costs
Currently, when a lien is issued on a property, the property can be redeemed upon paying the delinquent taxes, interest, and specified publication, abstract, and search fees. The bill would additionally require the repayment of any amounts paid to third parties in connection with processing the redemption. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1049 Eliminate Property Tax Abatement Refund Interest               
Eliminates the refund of interest related to a property tax abatement when property taxes are levied erroneously or illegally and thus refunded to the taxpayer. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1051 Procurement Code Modernization 
The bill modernizes the Colorado "Procurement Code" as contained in the Colorado Revised Statutes. The Code has not been reviewed since 1986. The bill standardizes language, streamlines some aspects of Colorado government, and provides regulatory relief to both government and client agencies through the relaxing of some regulatory and reporting requirements. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1070 Study Drone Use by Public Safety Agencies
Bill requires the center of excellence within the division of fire prevention and control to conduct a study concerning integration of unmanned aircraft systems within the state and local government operations that relate to public safety. The bill also creates an UAS pilot program to integrate UAS within state and local government operations that relate to public safety.  Signed by Governor
HB 17-1076 Artificial Recharge Nontributary Aquifer Rules         
The bill adds the requirement that the state engineer promulgate rules for the permitting and use of waters artificially recharged into nontributary groundwater aquifers. Currently, the state engineer promulgates rules for the permitting and use of waters artificially recharged into 4 named aquifers. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1077 Useful Public Service Cash Fund      
The bill creates the useful public service cash fund in the judicial branch to facilitate the administration of programs that supervise the performance of useful public service by persons who are required to perform such service pursuant to a criminal sentence. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1078 Transfer Funds From Family Support Loan Program
Bill repeals the Colorado family support loan fund and transfers remaining money to a new fund in the family support services program. The new fund may be used for expenses relating to the termination of the Colorado family support loan fund, and to provide services under the family support services program to support families caring for a family member with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1079 Continue Fees Wholesale Food Manufacture & Storage      
Bill amends provisions related to the continued collection fees related to wholesale food manufacturing and storage. The bill establishes an across-the-board application fee, plus any additional registration fee that may be required. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1091 Tax Credit Employer-assisted Housing Projects        
Creates an income tax credit for taxpayers who provide donations to non-profit sponsors of employer-assisted housing projects in rural areas of the state for tax years 2018-2022. The credit is limited to the taxpayer's income tax liability. Any remaining credits may be carried forward for up to five years. Killed in Senate Finance

HB 17-1102 Prohibit Nuisance Exhibition Motor Vehicle Exhaust             
Prohibits engaging in a nuisance exhibition of motor vehicle exhaust, which is the act of knowingly blowing black smoke through one or more exhaust pipes attached to a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,000 pounds or less in a manner that would harass another driver, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian. A person who violates the prohibition commits a class A traffic infraction, punishable by a fine of $100. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 17-1120 Alcohol Beverage License Higher Education Campus             
Bill would allow a higher education institution that meets certain requirements and has a license to serve alcohol beverages for on premise consumption to apply for designation as a campus liquor complex, thereby allowing the institution to designate multiple facilities on the campus as locations for serving alcohol beverages. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1186 Health Coverage Prescription Contraceptives Supply            
The bill requires individual and group sickness and accident policies, contracts, or plans that are required under current law to provide contraception coverage to reimburse participating providers or in-network dispensing entities for certain prescriptive contraceptives. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1188 Harassment Sexual Orientation Or Disability             
Colorado's harassment statute makes harassment a class 1 misdemeanor if the offender commits harassment with the intent to intimidate or harass another person because of that person's actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, or national origin. The bill adds physical or mental disability and sexual orientation to the categories described in the harassment statute. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1192 Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council    
The bill repeals the interagency farm-to-school coordination task force and ends the terms of current members of the Colorado food systems advisory council.  Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 17-1197 Exclude Marijuana From Farm Products Definition 
Under the 'Farm Products Act', the commissioner of agriculture or his or her designee licenses farm product dealers, small-volume dealers, and their agents. The bill excludes marijuana from the definition of 'farm products' under the act. The term Marijuana does not include industrial hemp. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1206 Eligibility CO Road & Community Safety Act              
Currently, a person who is not lawfully present in the United States may obtain a driver's license or identification card if certain requirements are met. One of the requirements is that the person present a taxpayer identification card. The bill allows a social security number to also meet this requirement. The bill also allows the license or identification card to be reissued or renewed in accordance with the process used for other licenses and identification cards. Killed in Senate Transportation
HB 17-1235 Financial Relief Defray Individual Hlth Plan Cost     
The bill creates a financial relief program to provide financial assistance to individuals and their families who spend more than 15% of their household income on individual health insurance premiums and meet eligibility requirements. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 17-1236 HCPF Annual Report On Hospital Expenditures        
The department of health care policy and financing, in consultation with the hospital provider fee oversight and advisory board, shall prepare an annual report detailing uncompensated hospital costs and the different categories of expenditures made by general hospitals in the state. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 17-1237 State Employee Group Benefit Plans For Local Gov
Health benefits are offered to state employees through the 'State Employees Group Benefits Act', which is administered by the state personnel director. The bill authorizes the state personnel director, or a designee, to enter into an agreement with any local government to provide health benefits to employees of the local government through the group benefit plans offered to state employees pursuant to the act. The bill specifies that a local government is not required to offer health benefits to its employees through the group benefit plans offered to state employees pursuant to the act. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 17-1250 Renew & Expand Tax Check-off To Benefit Wildlife               
With respect to the nongame and endangered wildlife tax check-off, which is scheduled to sunset in 2018, the bill: expands and renames the check-off; extends the future repeal date of the check-off by 5 years; specifies that the voluntary contribution moneys allocated will continue to be used for the protection and perpetuation of nongame and endangered wildlife; for the remainder of the moneys received through the check-off, creates the Colorado wildlife conservation and restoration cash fund authority; and creates a grant program for wildlife rehabilitation in the state. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1258 Renaming Delta-Montrose Technical College            
The bill continues indefinitely reporting requirements of the department of natural resources that were scheduled to repeal on the day after the third anniversary of the date on which the first report was due. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1268 Change Max Criminal Penalty 1 Year To 364 Days     
Under current law, the maximum jail sentence for a class 2 misdemeanor, misdemeanors without a fixed statutory penalty, and municipal ordinance violations is one year (365 days). The bill changes the maximum jail sentence to 364 days. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 17-1270 Agency Discretion Enforcing Rules Small Business  
The bill identifies 4 specific actions that the executive branch could take to inform small businesses (50 or fewer employees) about proposed and new rules. The bill creates a system that gives state agencies discretion in imposing fines upon a small business for a first-time offense of a minor violation. Killed in Senate Appropriations
HB 17-1273 Real Estate Dev Demonstrate Water Conservation 
The bill amends the definition of an 'adequate' water supply to include reasonable conservation measures and water demand management measures to reduce water needs and account for hydrologic variability, and prohibits the local government from approving the permit application unless the applicant demonstrates that appropriate water conservation and demand management measures have been included in the water supply plan. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 17-1289 State Engineer Rules Historical Consumptive Use   
When a water right owner wishes to change a water right, the determination of the amount of water that can be loaned or changed relies on a calculation of the historical consumptive use of the water right. The bill directs the state engineer to promulgate rules that take into account local conditions that an applicant can use to calculate historical consumptive use. The results of the calculation carry no presumptive weight before the state engineer, water referee, or water judge. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1291 Alternate Storage Not Change If Already Quantified              
The bill allows a water right for which the historical consumptive use was previously quantified to be stored in any reservoir, without the necessity of adjudicating an additional change of water right, if certain requirements are met. Signed by Governor

HB 17-1306 Test Lead In Public Schools' Drinking Water
The bill appropriates $440,000 and 1.0 FTE to the department of public health and environment to establish a grant program to test for lead in public schools' drinking water. Signed by Governor
HB 17-1309 Documentary Fee To Fund Affordable Housing        
The bill raises the fee to 2 cents. The bill specifies that 50% of the moneys generated from the imposition of the total fee must be deposited with the county treasurer, and the remaining 50% of the moneys generated from the imposition of the fee must be transmitted by the county treasurer to the Colorado housing and finance authority at least once each month to be credited to the statewide affordable housing investment fund. The bill creates the fund and defines 'affordable housing'.  Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 17-1318 Div Of Ins Annual Report Pharmaceutical Costs Data              
The bill requires health insurers to submit to the commissioner of insurance information regarding pharmaceuticals covered under individual and group health insurance plans in prior years. Carriers are to report specific information concerning pharmaceuticals. The bill also requires carriers providing or administering state group benefit plans for state employees to report the pharmaceutical cost data. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 17-1320 Age Of Consent Outpatient Psychotherapy For Minors         
The bill lowers the age of consent from 15 years of age and older to 10 years of age and older for a minor to seek and obtain outpatient psychotherapy services (not inpatient services) from a licensed mental health professional. The bill allows a minor 10 years of age or older to receive such outpatient psychotherapy services without the consent of his or her parent or guardian. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 17-1321 Parks & Wildlife Financial Sustainability     
The bill grants the parks and wildlife commission the authority to increase fees and fines for permits and licenses. The bill creates an aquatic nuisance species sticker and fee structure. The bill requires the division of parks and wildlife on fee amounts and the use of division-managed land by nonconsumptive users. Killed in Senate Finance
HB 17-1329 Reform Division Of Youth Corrections          
The bill renames DYC the division of youth services. The bill creates a pilot program funded by cash funds.  Signed by Governor


2016 Legislative Session

HB 16-1055 No State Prerequisites To Sue US Federal Torts        
Clarifies that there are no prerequisites established by state law in order to sue the United States. Killed in House State Affairs
HB 16-1097 PUC Permit For Medicaid Transportation Providers
Creates a new category of limited regulation carriers that allow providers of nonemergency transportation to Medicaid clients to operate under a limited regulation permit from the PUC rather than a certificate of public convenience and necessity. Signed by Governor
HB 16-1111 Same Day Voter Registration With Photo ID               
Referred measure that would require a person to show one of several forms of photo ID in order to register to vote on or within 29 days of an election.  Killed in House State Affairs
HB 16-1141 Radon Exposure In Buildings             
Requires CDPHE to develop a statewide education program about radon gas, including health risks, testing options and mitigation techniques. Also requires CDPHE to establish a program to provide financial assistance to low-income individuals for radon mitigation in their homes. The uranium mill tailings remedial action fund is extended for ten years and the uranium mill tailings remedial action oversight committee is abolished. Signed by Governor
HB 16-1169 Ute Representative For Transp Advisory Committee             
CDOT currently allows the Southern Ute and Ute Mountain tribes to appoint one nonvoting representative to the Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC). This bill expands the membership of STAC to include a representative from each of these tribes as a voting member. Signed by Governor
HB 16-1170 Sunset Division Racing Events           
Continues the division of racing events and the Colorado racing commission until September 1, 2023. Signed by Governor
HB 16-1255 Manage Forests To Improve Water Supply Conditions          
Direct the Colorado forest service to conduct pilot projects that utilize good neighbor authority with the United State forest service to implement forest management treatment that improve forest health and help supply forest products to Colorado businesses. $200,000 of the $1 million currently allocated for community watershed restoration may be used to implement the pilot projects. A separate study must also evaluate the relationship between the state water plan and the importance of forest management to protect and manage water resources. Also creates the forest health advisory council that is made up of 24 members. Signed by Governor
HB 16-1276 Conduct Emergency Responses At Legacy Mining Sites
Authorizes use of the emergency response cash fund to conduct emergency responses when circumstances exist at a legacy hard rock mine site that create danger to public health or welfare of the environment. Signed by Governor
HB 16-1313 Auth Local Gov Master Plan Include Water Plan Goal            
Authorizes local government master plans to include goals specified in the state water plan and to include policies that condition development approvals on implementation of those goals. Clarifies that the bill does not create a mandate or impact existing policy. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 16-1322 Health Coverage Prescription Contraceptives Supply            
Public Health committee amendments clarify that this bill pertains to in-network and makes some technical language changes. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 16-1337 Appellate Process For Decisions About Groundwater            
Current law requires decisions or actions of the Ground Water Commission or state engineer regarding groundwater are appealed to a district and the evidence is not limited to the evidence presented to the Commission or state engineer. This bill limits the evidence a district court may consider when reviewing a decision on an appeal. Killed in Senate Judiciary
HB 16-1370 Nicotine Product Retailers Registry
Creates a registry of retailers that sell tobacco or nicotine products and increases the civil penalties for violating the prohibition against selling cigarettes, tobacco products, or nicotine products to minors. Killed in House Business Affairs
HB 16-1458 Species Conservation Trust Fund Projects   
Appropriates money from the Species Conservation Trust Fund for approved projects. Signed by Governor
SB 16-007 Biomass Renewable Energy Wildfire High Risk Areas
Incentivizes the use of biomass materials to meet the renewable energy standards set for retail electric providers and uses forest materials located in areas with a high risk of wildfire. Killed in House Transportation
SB 16-097 Use Mineral Severance Revenue For Local Govts        
Prohibits the transfer of mineral severance revenue to the STATE general fund. Killed in House Finance
SB 16-117 Limit State Agency Authority to Impose Fines              
Prohibits a state agency from imposing a designated fine on an individual, business, or political subdivision unless the violator has been given written notice of its violation, and the violation is not remedied within 30 days of the mailing date. Places limitations on designated fine amounts. Killed in House Finance
SB 16-120 Review by Medicaid Client for Billing Fraud  
Requires HCPF to provide an explanation of benefits to Medicaid recipients at least bimonthly. Signed by Governor
SB 16-174 CO Water Conservation Bd Construction Fund Project              
Appropriates funds for FY 16-17 from the Colorado Water Conservation Board construction fund for specified water projects. Signed by Governor

2015 Legislative Session

HB 15-1006 Invasive Phreatophyte Grant Program
Concerning the establishment of a grant program for the management of invasive phreatophytes, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.  Signed by Governor
HB 15-1013 South Platte Aquifer Study Recommendations
Concerning the implementation of recommendation number one set forth in the study of the South Platte River alluvial aquifer prepared by the Colorado water institute pursuant to house bill 12-1278.  Signed by Governor
HB 15-1056 Promote Precipitation Harvesting Pilot Projects
Concerning incentives for precipitation harvesting. Signed by Governor
HB 15-1056 Disclosure Information Asset Recovery
Concerning disclosure of information for asset recovery. Killed in House Appropriations
HB 15-1079 Teen Pregnancy Dropout Prevention Program Funding
Concerning the program for teen pregnancy and dropout prevention. Killed in Senate Finance
HB 15-1132 Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit
Concerning a tax credit for resident individuals making qualified improvements to increase their home energy efficiency. Killed in Senate Finance
HB 15-1134 New Diesel Motor Vehicles Emissions Testing
Concerning the new vehicle exemption for emissions testing of heavier diesel vehicles with a model year that is no older than 2014. Signed by Governor
HB 15-1140 Same Day Voter Registration With Photo ID
Concerning a requirement that voters registering to vote under procedures allowing an elector to register immediately prior to or on election day provide a form of identification that includes a photograph of the voter. Killed in House State Affairs
HB 15-1194 Authorize General Fund Dollars For LARC Services
Concerning state general fund dollars for the department of public health and environment to continue providing specified family planning services throughout the state. Killed in Senate State Affairs
HB 15-1364 Limited Scope Inspections Hydroelectric Projects
Concerning a limitation on the scope of an inspection of a small hydroelectric energy facility conducted by the state electrical board. Signed by Governor
SB 15-013 Extend Deadline For Dog Protection Act
Concerning extending the deadline for peace officers to complete dog encounter training to June 30, 2015. Signed by Governor
SB 15-017 Appellate Process For Decisions About Groundwater
Concerning the appellate process governing a district court's review of final agency actions concerning groundwater. Killed in Senate Judiciary
SB 15-232 CO Federal Land Mgmt Commission
Concerning the creation of the Colorado federal land management commission to study the transfer of public lands in Colorado from the federal government to the state. Lost on Second Reading in Senate


2014 Legislative Session

HB 14-1030 Hydroelectric Generation Incentive                              
Facilitates the development of hydroelectric energy systems. Signed by Governor

HB 14-1068 Physician Report Driving Condition
This bill requires that every physician licensed under the Medical Practice Act report to the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) within seven days of diagnosing or learning that a patient under his or her care has been diagnosed with a disorder causing loss, interruption, or lapse of consciousness or motor function. Killed in House Health, Insurance, & Environment

HB 14-1080 Sales & Use Tax Exemption For Ute Indians
This bill clarifies that sales taxed do not apply to purchases made on a Native American reservation, or delivered to the reservation, if the purchaser is an enrolled tribe member. Signed by Governor

HB 14-1127 Disclosure Information Asset Recovery                        
Allows a judgment creditor to file a petition compelling the department of labor and employment to disclose current employer information about judgment debtor, while following certain federal requirements, and at the risk of a $1,000 penalty for noncompliance. Killed in Senate State Affairs

HB 14-1141 Confidentiality Social Security Numbers                      
Prohibits the requirement that an unpaid member of a board of directors to disclose their SSN, (2) makes it illegal for a state or local government to deny a right, benefit, or privilege if someone refuses to disclose their SSN, (3) requires, any state or local government to disclose whether the SSN is mandatory or optional as well as how it will be used. Signed by Governor

HB 14-1160 Divisible Load Overweight Vehicle Permits                
This is a TLRC bill exempts sludge waste vehicles operated by a utility special district from wheel and axle load restrictions. It also authorizes issuing an annual fleet permit for 2 or 3 axle group vehicle with divisible loads. The fee is $2,000 plus $35 per vehicle. Signed by Governor

HB 14-1223 Reclassify Dolores County As Category V County                     
This reengrossed bill reclassifies Dolores County as a Category V county only if the annual salaries of county officers as set forth in current law are not increased by more than 10 percent through legislation enacted during the 2014 legislative session. Signed by Governor

HB 14-1275 Real Property Purchase Shooting Range       
Authorizes the parks and wildlife commission to purchase property to build a multi-use shooting facility using appropriated funds, non-appropriated grant funds, or federal moneys. Signed by Governor

HB 14-1284 Legislative License Plate Registration Number                         
Places the letter "H" or "S" on the elected official's license plate and sets this letter in combination with the numerical district as the vehicle's registration number. Signed by Governor         

HB 14-1328 Connect Colorado Broadband Act                    
Allows a portion of the money in the high cost maintenance fund to be used to increase broadband access in underserved areas of the state. Signed by Governor      

HB 14-1333 Water Conservation Bd Construction Fund Projects               
This bill appropriates funds from the Colorado Water Conservation Board Construction Fund for specific water-related projects in FY 2014-15. Signed by Governor

HB 14-1352 Update Waste Tire Management System    
Repeals and reenacts an updated version of the state's waste tire laws. Signed by Governor

SB 14-017 Limit Use of Ag Water for Lawn Irrigation                       
Directs WRRC to study best practices to limit municipal outdoor water consumption during the 2014 interim. Signed by Governor

SB 14-055 Vehicles Subject to Daily Rental Fee    
Specifies that the daily $2 rental car fee is imposed without regard to the primary business of the renter on any short-term rental of a vehicle with a gross weight rating of 26,000 lbs. or less that is rented for a period of less than 30 days. Signed by Governor

SB 14-056 Military Veteran License Plate Fee                    
This bill waives the one-time $50 fee charged for certain military special license plates, if  the person applying for the plates is a qualified military veteran. Killed in Senate Appropriations

SB 14-060 CDOT Training for Flagpersons                   
This bill authorizes the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to certify public and private entities in flagperson training. Also requires flagpersons to wear high-visibility clothing.  Signed by Governor

SB 14-084 Elect County Commissioners By Districts                
Changes current law to allow the voters of a county to change the method of election so that a commissioner is elected only by voters residing in the commissioner’s district (for counties with a population of less than 70,000). Killed in House State Affairs

SB 14-115 State Water Plan Public Review & GA Approval                          
This bill creates a procedure for drafting a state water plan. In doing so the water conservation board must hold a hearing on the drafted plan within each basis roundtable, update the plan based on public comments, and present the draft to the water resources review committee. Signed by Governor             

SB 14-145 Water Conservation Incentives                           
This bill prohibits subdivision regulations from including mandated minimum percentages of irrigated space. It requires that counties, municipalities, and special districts that supply water consider whether tap fees should be reduced if a subdivision developer commits to implementing water efficiency and conservation measures. Killed in Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy

SB 14-170 Designate Funeral Vehicles as Emergency Vehicles  
This bill allows a privately owned vehicle to be designated by the Department of Revenue as an authorized emergency vehicle for the limited purpose of escorting a funeral procession. Killed in Senate Judiciary

SB 14-184 Oversight of the Industrial Hemp Program                                                     
Removes the growing limitations for registered persons growing industrial hemp for research and development purposes. Requires the department to test 80% of the registered hemp crop. State accredited research institutions are exempted from the testing requirement. This bill also establishes a grant program for higher ed research and allows a person to process, sell, and distribute hemp cultivated by a registered person. Finally the bill creates an industrial hemp committee to contribute oversight of hemp. Signed by Governor


2013 Legislation

HB 13-1018 Beneficial Use Produced Water Dust Suppression
Concerning the beneficial use of produced water for dust suppression. Killed in House Health, Insurance & Environment
HB 13-1075 Legislative Review of Executive Branch Rules
Concerning the legislative review of certain rules promulgated by executive agencies through the "state administrative procedures act”. Killed in House State Affairs
HB 13-1096 Waste Tire Recycling Agricultural & Beneficial Use
Currently, there is a subsidy that encourages the recycling of waste tires. The bill clarifies that a mobile processor is also eligible for the subsidy. In addition, it defines "beneficial use" of waste tires so to include their use for an agricultural purpose. Killed in House Agriculture
HB 13-1161 Daily Vehicle Rental Fee Exemption
Exempts vehicles weighing at least 10,000 pounds from paying the daily $2 dollar rental fee. This, in turn, will subject these vehicles to the road safety and bridge safety surcharges. Killed in House
HB 13-1198 Colorado Commission Of Indian Affairs
Concerning the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs. Signed by Governor
SB 13-003 Coal Mine Methane Gas Capture
Concerning methane gas captured from active and inactive coal mines. Killed in Senate State Affairs
SB 13-044 Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan Incentives
Changes the time when a quality incentive payment is made under a prepaid inpatient health plan agreement from within 6 months to within a reasonable period of time. Signed by Governor
SB 13-050 Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Fund
Concerning the recycling resources economic opportunity fund, and, in connection therewith, incrementally increasing certain fees collected for the fund, extending repeal dates of laws associated with the fund, adding limitations to grants made to reduce waste tire stockpiles, making rebates paid from the fund discretionary, and removing obsolete provisions. Signed by Governor
SB 13-139 Supplemental On-line Education Services
Removes the responsibility for administration of contracts for on-line and blended education services from mountain boards of cooperative services to the office within the department of education dedicated to on-line and blended learning. Signed by Governor
SB 13-203 Limit Use Of Gov Land For Automotive Serv Stations
A public entity may not allow an automotive service station to be constructed on an interstate right-of-way. Additionally, they may allow vending machines to be constructed in rest areas but may not directly retail motor fuel for public use although they may contract with a private entity to do so. Killed in House State Affairs
SB 13-226 Create Dog Protection Act
Concerning the creation of the “Dog Protection Act”. Signed by Governor
SB 13-241 Industrial Hemp Growers Registration DOA
Repeals the industrial hemp remediation pilot program established by HB 12-1099 and replaces it with the industrial hemp committee. The program is repealed upon enactment of a federal regulatory system. Signed by Governor
SB 13-269 Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant Program
Concerning the creation of a grant program to assist with efforts to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires to forested lands in Colorado. Signed by Governor
SB 13-270 Wildfire Preparedness & Emergency Response Funds
Concerning funding for certain activities relating to wildfire. Signed by Governor
SB 13-273 Renewable Energy Forest Biomass Incentives
Concerning incentives for the beneficial use of forest biomass. Signed by Governor


2012 Legislative Session

HB 12-1026 Municipal Prosecuting Attorney Peace Officers       
Designates the following positions as peace officers: city attorney, town attorney, senior assistant attorney, assistant city attorney, chief deputy city attorney, deputy city attorney, special deputy city attorney, prosecuting attorney, senior prosecuting attorney, senior prosecutor, or a special prosecutor employed or contracted by a municipality, city, town, statutory city or town, or city and county. Signed by Governor
HB 12-1119 Success Act To Limit State Agency Fines       
Establishes the SUCCESS for Small Business Act, which limits the discretion of a state agency to impose fines for minor violations by providing an opportunity to cure the minor violation.  Signed by Governor
HB 12-1154 Regional Economic Development Through Partnerships      
Requires the Office of Economic Development to facilitate consistent and collaborative regional economic development in the state by assisting in the creation of new, and expansion of existing, regional economic development partnerships in each of Colorado's regions.  Killed in House Appropriations
HB 12-1267 Various Elections Procedures Mailings Stubs Timing              
Modifies certain pre*election procedures to reduce the cost of administering elections.  Killed in Senate
HB 12-1280 Video Lottery Terminals For College Scholarships   
Allows the Colorado Lottery Commission to authorize the installation and operation of video lottery terminals to no more than 2 lottery retailers who meet certain qualifications.  Killed in House Finance
HB 12-1323 Montrose Associate County Judge  
Under current law, the associate county judge for Montrose County must maintain official residence in the portion of Montrose County that is included in the southwestern water conservation district.  This bill modifies the residency requirement so that the official residence only needs to be in Montrose County.  The bill also specifies that the associate county judge must maintain court chambers in the City of Nucla. Signed by Governor
HB 12-1327 Towing Carriers Repeal Bond Impose 5 Yr Revocation           
This bill repeals the $50,000 surety bond requirement and replaces it with a new statutory scheme.  Signed by Governor
SB 12-048 Local Foods Local Jobs              
Creates the “Colorado Cottage Foods Act.”  This exempts small producers of a limited range of foods (foods that are non-potentially hazardous and that do not require refrigeration - i.e. teas, jellies, baked goods) from licensing requirements imposed on retail food establishments.  Killed in House State Affairs
SB 12-049 PUC Towing Carriers Reduce Surety Bond Requirement
Concerning financial responsibility requirements for motor carriers, and, in connection therewith, reducing the surety bond requirement for towing carriers and limiting its applicability to counties of relatively high population density. Killed in Senate Transportation
SB12-109 Maintenance Regular List Regis Electors          
Concerning requirements governing the regular maintenance of voter registration lists. Killed in House Local Government
SB 12-129 Rural Broadband Jobs Act
Concerning access to affordable broadband internet 102 connectivity in noncompetitive rural areas. Killed in House Agriculture
SB12-133 Recycle Electronic Devices Divert From Landfills          
Creates the Electronic Device Recycling Act.  The bill prohibits a person from disposing of an electronic device or component of an electronic device in a landfill in Colorado.  Signed by Governor
SB 12-180 Colorado Forest Energy Jobs Act
Concerning measures to encourage the use of Colorado forest biomass as a source of renewable energy. Killed in Senate Agriculture

2011 Legislative Session

HB 11-1006   Regional Tourism Authority Boards 
Modifies the composition of regional tourism authorities to apply the same standard for an applicant who is more than 2 local gov entities that consists of more than 2 counties.  Signed by Governor
HB 11-1123 Prohibit Sev Related Revenue To Gen Fund
Starting in 2013, prohibits transfers to the State General Fund from cash funds that have revenue related to the severance of minerals in the state.  Also, prohibits the governor from restricting the moneys in these funds for future transfer to the General Fund.  Transfers are prohibited from: higher education federal mineral lease revenues fund; higher education maintenance and reserve fund; local government permanent fund; local government mineral impact fund; CO water conservation board of construction fund; perpetual base account of the severance tax trust fund; and local government severance tax fund. Killed in House State Affairs
HB 11-1159 License Grain Protein Analyzers
Requires the Commissioner of Agriculture to license grain protein analyzers before the analyzer is operated for commercial use.  In doing so, the state agricultural commission may charge a fee for the licensure.  Also, unlike other weight or measuring devices, this bill specifies that a certificate of conformance is not required for a grain protein analyzer. Signed by Governor
HB 11-1192 Longer Vehicle Combinations Highways
Adds more highways to the list of highways on which longer vehicle combinations can operate in Colorado under the existing permitting process.  Signed by Governor
SB 11-028 Add Judge Seventh Judicial District
Changes the number of judges for the first judicial district from 15 to 14, and changes the number of judges for the seventh judicial district from 4 to 5. Signed by Governor
SB 11-035 Prohibit Sev Related Revenue To Gen Fund
Concerning a prohibition on transfers to the state general fund from cash funds that have revenue related to the severance of minerals in the state. Killed in Senate State Affairs
SB 11-110 County Open Burning Slash Permit Program
Requires the Board of County Commissioners in each county that has a substantial forested area to develop an open burning permit system for the purpose of safely disposing of slash.  The system must be developed by Jan 1, 2012. Signed by Governor
SB 11-177 Sunset Teen Pregnancy & Dropout Program
Implements recommendations from the 2010 sunset review by continuing the Teen Pregnancy and Dropout Prevention Program until 2016.  The program is intended for teen pregnancy and dropout prevention for teenagers who are Medicaid recipients. Signed by Governor
SB 11-238 Extend Wildfire Preparedness Funding
Continues the annual transfer of $3,250,000 in federal mineral lease revenues to the Wildfire Preparedness Fund through Fiscal Year 2013-14.  The bill also requires the CO State Forest Service to annually report on the use of these funds. Signed by Governor
SB 11-258 Local Foods To Local Markets
Requires a grower who uses his or her home kitchen to produce foods for direct sale to consumers to register with the state or local government.   To be registered, a grower must be certified in safe food handling by a 3rd party certifying entity. Lost after House Agriculture Committee
SB 11-267 Forest Health Act Of 2011
Creates the "Forest Health Act of 2011," sets up the Colorado Forest Biomass Use Work Group.  The work group is required to examine different aspects of forest management, including: identifying barriers to the creation of a sustainable market-based model for active forest management, and ways to promote the use of biomass to reduce the risk of severe insect and disease outbreaks and catastrophic wildfires. Signed by Governor

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